When Access Is Equal, Potential is Limitless.


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It boils down to access.  Access to the transformative, healing powers of the outdoors.  It is not a disability that our athletes overcome, but the barriers to the outdoors placed in their way.

At Oregon Adaptive Sports, we are working to help individuals with disabilities breakdown these barriers.  OAS' programs, equipment, advocacy, training, and grants are all working together to make the outdoors more inclusive to individuals with disabilities.

Your support helps to create, and sustain, critical access to the outdoors for individuals with disabilities.

Where barriers persist, our work begins.

Please consider supporting our efforts us by making a Giving Tuesday contribution.  Each and every dollar makes a significant impact on our mission, the hundreds of individuals we directly serve in programs each year, and countless more who are joining us in the effort to create more equality in the outdoor recreation industry.


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What does my contribution support?

  • $5000 - Covers the cost of a new bi-ski or approximately 50% of an electric assist adaptive mountain bike.
  • $1000 - Funds a Disabled Veteran's 2020/21 ski weekend with OAS including lodging, meals, and two full days of skiing.
  • $500 - Affords OAS a new pair of outriggers, or covers one of OAS' small Share the Stoke grant awards.
  • $250 - Covers the direct costs for OAS to facilitate one full day of adaptive skiing including instructor wages, lift tickets, and equipment.

Other things your contribution supports which have a less specific associated dollar amount:

  • OAS' continued presence on advocacy boards, focus groups, and planning teams that are creating outdoor access in the community.
  • OAS' online "Thrive Guide" resource which has received tens of thousands of hits, addressing the lack of information available to people with disabilities wanting to engage in outdoor recreation.
  • OAS' training program that provides thousands of hours of training each year to community members who go on to be OAS volunteers and informed and active members of society fostering more inclusion within and beyond OAS' programs.


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Video description: Highlight reel of OAS athletes participating in a variety of outdoor sports including skiing, snowboarding, Nordic, snowshoeing, golf, cycling, mountain biking, hiking, paddling, and rock climbing.  The text “when access is equal potential is limitless.  Where barriers persist, our works begins” appears during the video.

Audio description: Uplifting background music that builds with intensity along the pace of the video clips.